Conditions Seen and Fees

Please note that Dr Tavakkoli is now providing a support service for people with cancer only.



For the Integrative Cancer Programme, please see this page.

Dr Tavakkoli is also happy to see patients with cancer who are unable to take part in the full integrative programme above, or patients with treated cancer, who wish to optimise their ongoing wellbeing.

Initial Consultation fee (preparation 1 hour, appointment 1.5 hours): £400

The initial consultation includes an in-depth clinical review, lifestyle and nutrition advice, recommended supplements and metabolic pathway blockers, Functional Medicine testing recommendations, and addressing any other outstanding areas and questions.

Functional Medicine lab results analysis (1-2 hours) and appointment to discuss results and recommendations (1 hour): £380

Please note laboratory fees are paid directly to the laboratories and differ from patient to patient. Please allow funds in the region of £800 for lab fees.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Dr Tavakkoli is not an oncologist. No claim can be made for cure or improvement. Your cancer treatment and ongoing care will remain under your specialist medical team.