Conditions Treated

Please note that from May 2019, Dr Tavakkoli will be primarily providing a support service for people with cancer.

If you have a different condition and would like to be seen, please contact us to confirm availability.


We could provide a list of conditions from A to Z, however it would be easier and more accurate to say that Functional Medicine can be used as a therapeutic approach in any condition because it is a patient-oriented approach rather than a disease-oriented one.

Two people can have the same condition, for example rheumatoid arthritis, yet possess different biochemical and physiological imbalances, different sensitivities that may be triggering inflammation, and different toxicities that may be hindering recovery.

The aim of Functional Medicine is to discover the specific factors that need to be addressed in your individual case.

So whether you have cancer or colitis, asthma or Parkinson’s disease, depression or anxiety, psoriasis or heart disease, Raynaud’s or high blood pressure, or anything in between, a Functional Medicine approach would be relevant for you. If you have a variety of chronic symptoms but no diagnosis has been reached after exhaustive investigation in the conventional medical system, then Functional Medicine may be the answer for you.

Please note that we do not provide an acute service and treat only chronic conditions.

Please also see ‘What do you mean by chronic disease’ in Frequently Asked Questions.