Exercise With Oxygen Therapy

Increasing the delivery of oxygen to the cells is beneficial for cellular function. It can be achieved using hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) which enables oxygen to be absorbed into all the body’s fluids and carried to areas where circulation is diminished. Although HBOT has been found to be beneficial in various conditions such as autism, multiple sclerosis and migraines, it can be expensive and difficult to access.

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy
At Quantum Clinic we utilise Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) using the LiveO2 system. This is a treatment that delivers increased levels of oxygen to the cells in a more convenient and less expensive way. During exercise whilst breathing 100% oxygen, your heart’s effective pumping system drives plasma-dissolved oxygen into your small capillaries and from there into your cells, reaching even inflamed areas with poor circulation.

With the addition of Bemer physical vascular therapy in the same session, the delivery of oxygenated blood to all your cells is further enhanced, carrying with it the natural anti-inflammatory supplement that is part of the treatment programme. Thus, the body’s cells are flooded with rich oxygen, vital nutrients and potent anti-inflammatory agents – a powerful combination for overcoming inflammation anywhere in the body.

At Quantum Clinic we use an exercise bicycle during EWOT, however the form of exercise can be adapted to suit your individual capability. Even wheelchair users undergoing light exercise (eg lifting arm weights) can benefit from the use of EWOT.

EWOT is also incorporated in Quantum Clinic’s Cancer Programme.

Please note that we do not provide EWOT as a standalone therapy. It is included as part of a comprehensive approach in our Anti-Inflammatory Programme and Integrative Cancer Programme.

What Happens During A Treatment Session?

Prior to treatment with EWOT, you will first receive treatment with Bemer physical vascular therapy. This will improve the circulation in your small capillaries and enhance the effectiveness of oxygen delivery to your cells during the subsequent treatment with EWOT.

A close fitting mask will be fitted to your face. This is connected to a reservoir containing 100% oxygen. You will exercise at a comfortable pace for you for up to 15 minutes, either on an exercise bicycle, or using a form of exercise that is comfortable and achievable for you whilst breathing 100% oxygen through the mask.

How Does It Work?

The following video provides a basic explanation on the way exercise with oxygen therapy works:


 Side Effects/Precautions 

Most people are able to use EWOT safely and effectively, however there are a number of medical conditions in which either the use of a high concentration of oxygen, or exercise, may be harmful.

The safety of EWOT for you will be assessed prior to treatment.

Scientific Basis

Studies have shown that oxygen helps:

  • Stimulate brain activity
  • Increase memory capacity
  • Boost concentration
  • Develop stronger alertness
  • Raise energy levels
  • Improve strength
  • Build endurance
  • Detox your blood
  • Reduce stress
  • Calm anxiety
  • Alleviate tension headaches
  • Remedy irregular sleeping patterns
  • Help with cardiovascular activity
  • Prevent lactic acid build up
  • Strengthen the immune system