The effectiveness of any therapy depends on that therapy reaching your cells.

The intravenous route is an excellent way to deliver therapeutic agents into the blood vessels, but if there is poor circulation to the target tissues, then the therapeutic agents are unlikely to reach them. The paucity of blood vessels around, for example,  pancreatic tumours is one possible reason why they respond poorly to chemotherapy – the drugs simply don’t reach the tumour site.

Addressing the microcirculation is key if achieving delivery of agents to deep seated tumours is desired.

At Quantum Clinic we ensure that the microcirculation is as efficient as possible by using the following modalities:

Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy

Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (similar in effect to hyperbaric oxygen therapy)

These interventions enhance the microcirculation and carry essential nutrients and supplements more effectively to diseased areas which may not otherwise have adequate access to these vital nutrients. The nutrients and potent supplements power your body’s cells to deal more efficiently with inflammation and cellular damage.

Natural active phytochemicals are synchronized with the above therapies in order to achieve maximum tissue delivery and support your immune system.