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“For anyone who feels that they have reached the limit of what conventional medicine can offer, I would recommend the Quantum Clinic. Dr Tavakkoli not only has a deep knowledge and understanding of the benefits of functional medicine, but also years of experience practising in clinical medicine. She is thus well qualified to offer balanced and credible advice to her patients. I was particularly impressed by the comprehensive and unhurried consultation process, as well as the extremely thorough analysis of laboratory tests. Altogether a very worthwhile experience from which I came away with only positive thoughts.”


“Glad I found Quantum Clinic!”



 “She put me at ease and made me feel more positive going forward.”


“Has strong interpersonal skills, gave me complete confidence. 10/10.”


 “The doctor really made me feel at ease, she was kind and clear and involved me.”

“My problem and treatment was told in a manner that I could take and understand.”



 “Dr Tavakkoli is extremely well liked and respected by her colleagues. She is very thorough when diagnosing and treating her patients and her communication of both the diagnosis and treatment is excellent. She is very organised and conscientous and an absolute pleasure to work for.”


“Dr Tavakkoli is a very competent and efficient Consultant.”



“Dr Tavakkoli is very professional, empathetic and highly respected by both her colleagues and patients within her care.”



“I have always found this doctor to be very warm, friendly and welcoming, especially towards anxious patients; spends plenty of time listening and advising … I would be more than happy to recommend my family to see her.”



“I noticed how much care and thought has gone into devising that health questionnaire form and how pertinent your selected questions are to getting the best quality information and hopefully the best healing outcome. It is a process I really value and a journey I am delighted to be travelling on together with you.”