Names have been removed to maintain confidentiality.

“Quantum Clinic has been an inspirational eye opener to the opportunities of discovering deficiencies and imbalances within my body, many of which I did not realise even existed, and I believe, were obviously contributing to my ill health. Once Dr. Tavakkoli analysed the results I received a clear and comprehensive plan in how I could start to nurture my body back to a healthy state. I was given knowledgeable and professional advice by Dr. Tavakkoli and any questions I didn’t think to ask at the consultation I was able to email, and without exception, my emails were answered promptly and comprehensively. I am so glad I found this clinic as it has given far more hope and inspiration to heal myself from cancer than anywhere else. Thank you.”


“I came across the Quantum Clinic at Trew Fields Festival and when I heard Dr Aryan speaking I knew immediately I wanted to see her and work with her.

The whole process from the first contact to the first appointment and follow ups has been very easy and Dr Aryan has always shown a very caring and professional approach. I felt reassured, inspired and looked after. Her communication is second to none: she explains things clearly and thoroughly, even difficult concepts, always ready to answer queries and clear doubts in a very kind and super fast approach. She is always available and goes the extra mile in providing extra information and supportive resources.

I feel she has a great depth of knowledge of cancer, treatments, tests and supplements. I am very pleased and grateful I have had the chance to work with her in making sure my health is recovered and stay at optimal level.”



“Dr Tavakkoli is extremely professional, personable and knowledgeable. Quantum clinic offered a completely different perspective on my health and recovery post cancer, most importantly we were able to put a plan in place to best protect my body in the future. The functional tests allowed us to overhaul my regime and make changes to help reach my optimum health. Dr Tavakkoli also helped me regain some control and understanding and how I could help myself which does not happen in conventional medicine. Undergoing the wellness programme now means I have a very different view on my own health and how I wish to look after my body in the future.”




“I was initially impressed after hearing a presentation by Dr Aryan Tavakkoli and decided to embark on the Integrative Cancer Programme at Quantum clinic following surgery for cancer.
A clear personalised plan was produced to support my well being and recovery, this included life style changes, nutritional advice and supplements, which were reviewed following the functional medicine testing. 
Dr Tavakkoli is very approachable, compassionate and extremely knowledgable.
I recommend Quantum Clinic unreservedly and have noticed an improvement in my health and wellbeing.”



“I was recommended by a friend to see Dr Aryan after a breast cancer diagnosis last year. My experience of working with her has been a totally positive one! 
Dr Aryan has an initial consultation to assess needs, then designs a bespoke programme of diagnostic tests and treatments. She uses leading organisations to diagnose root causes. Her clinic has state of the art equipment for treatments. She arranges follow on tests at the end of the programme to show progress. All is explained fully and clearly. 
She is very approachable answering questions and explaining things in easy to understand terms. Her approach centres on both the physical and emotional needs of the body. She helped me to find other practitioners to support my personal needs. 
Dr Aryan is clearly passionate about health with a sincere desire to share her extensive knowledge and support her clients. Her insight and compassion ensure that she fully understands her clients and their needs. I feel very lucky to have had the benefit of her expertise. 
Having just finished a 3-month programme with Dr Aryan, I’ve had various treatments and tests. I’m taking supplements and I’m approaching my nutrition based on Dr Aryan’s recommendations. I have already noticed an improvement. My energy levels have increased dramatically, I’m sleeping well, my anxiety is down. I feel so much more positive and generally healthier. I can’t wait until this time next year!
Dr Aryan is an expert in her field and has a wonderful empathy with her clients. I have total confidence in her abilities. I would highly recommend her and Quantum Clinic to my friends and family.”


“I have been a patient of Dr Tavakkoli for several months. In only this short amount of time I am already experiencing profound improvements in my health. I have severe arthritis and thin bones as well as anxiety issues. I am a relatively young woman (56) and I was at a loss to understand why I had these chronic illnesses at my age. In my quest to improve my health I had some knowledge of functional medicine (getting to the root cause) from research on the Internet, but, assumed any medical doctors’ practicing this way would be in America or very expensive and out of my budget.

Fortunately for me my assumptions were wrong!

A consultation with Dr Tavakkoli is completely different from a conventional one with a GP or indeed even seeing a specialist doctor privately. The difference is immense. Even before one has a first meeting with her one has to fill out several questionnaires pertaining to previous health, childhood history and exposure to environmental toxins. Actually the questionnaires ask many questions and some of them may seem unnecessary, however, every single response to a question contributes to Dr Tavakkoli having a greater insight to why one may have a medical problem. She reviews all this data before ones first consultation and offers a plan straight away. I needed lots of tests and was very surprised by some of the results. In particular a test revealed that I was not absorbing several vitamins and minerals. This is getting addressed by a targeted supplement plan and already my anxiety levels have improved, I have lost weight and most amazingly have no cravings for coffee or chocolate. I have more energy and feel much more positive that I can improve my health. I consider the service she provides excellent value for money and actually cost effective if one thinks of the long term implications of ill health physically and mentally.

I should also emphasize that Dr Tavakkoli has a wonderful manner and puts one at ease immediately. She is kind, caring and compassionate. I cannot recommend her and the method of functional medicine highly enough.”


“I am very pleased with the knowledge and approach of Dr Tavakkoli. She takes time to understand the full history, current issues and my goals. She has a very empathic nature and immediately I felt at ease. I am very pleased with the direction of my treatment and my symptoms have shown improvement, with a better quality of life.”


“For anyone who feels that they have reached the limit of what conventional medicine can offer, I would recommend the Quantum Clinic. Dr Tavakkoli not only has a deep knowledge and understanding of the benefits of functional medicine, but also years of experience practising in clinical medicine. She is thus well qualified to offer balanced and credible advice to her patients. I was particularly impressed by the comprehensive and unhurried consultation process, as well as the extremely thorough analysis of laboratory tests. Altogether a very worthwhile experience from which I came away with only positive thoughts.”



“Glad I found Quantum Clinic!”



“Exceptional. Very well explained. Time taken to analyse my problems and very good analysis and repair”



 “She put me at ease and made me feel more positive going forward.”


“Has strong interpersonal skills, gave me complete confidence. 10/10.”


 “The doctor really made me feel at ease, she was kind and clear and involved me.”

“My problem and treatment was told in a manner that I could take and understand.”



 “Dr Tavakkoli is extremely well liked and respected by her colleagues. She is very thorough when diagnosing and treating her patients and her communication of both the diagnosis and treatment is excellent. She is very organised and conscientous and an absolute pleasure to work for.”


“Dr Tavakkoli is a very competent and efficient Consultant.”



“Dr Tavakkoli is very professional, empathetic and highly respected by both her colleagues and patients within her care.”



“I have always found this doctor to be very warm, friendly and welcoming, especially towards anxious patients; spends plenty of time listening and advising … I would be more than happy to recommend my family to see her.”



“I noticed how much care and thought has gone into devising that health questionnaire form and how pertinent your selected questions are to getting the best quality information and hopefully the best healing outcome. It is a process I really value and a journey I am delighted to be travelling on together with you.”