Treatment Plans and Fees

For patients with cancer, please see our Cancer page for details on the programme we offer.

For patients with other forms of chronic illness, please see below for details of the initial consultation, and the treatment programmes we offer. For further information, please also refer to ‘What happens during a consultation?’

Our aim is to identify and treat the underlying factors that have caused your condition, and to provide treatments that optimise your cellular and immune function in order to aid recovery. We focus particularly on treatments that reduce inflammation in your body and that enhance your microcirculation.

Dr Tavakkoli’s consultation fee is £180 per hour.

Laboratory tests, supplements and detoxification products are charged separately and vary for each patient.

The Initial Consultation

  • Prior to appointment – review of your health questionnaires, previous medical letters, results of X-rays and laboratory tests: 30 minutes.
  • Appointment including discussion of your individual problems, your health goals,  and Dr Tavakkoli’s recommendations for Functional Medicine laboratory tests and  treatment: up to 1 hr.

Fee: £270.00


1.  Foundation Programme

This Programme involves:

  • Undergoing recommended Functional Medicine laboratory tests (blood, saliva, urine, stool) in order to obtain an accurate analysis of your personal physiological make up, including your specific biochemical and nutritional profile, your food sensitivities, your gut microbiome and your toxic body burden.
  • Dr Tavakkoli will review all your results and formulate an individual treatment plan for you. The aim of the treatment plan is to correct biochemical and other imbalances detected in your tests, remove factors in your environment that are contributing to the inflammatory load in your body, restore a healthy gut microbiome and aid your own immune system and healing mechanisms to function efficiently;
  • 60 minute follow up appointment to discuss your results, explain your treatment plan, provide nutrition advice, provide targeted nutritional supplements to correct imbalances identified in your tests, and answer your questions or concerns.
  • 30 minute appointment following completion of your treatment plan and following any repeat tests, to discuss ongoing treatment recommendations.

Below are some of the tests that are commonly ordered:

Foundation Plan Prices

The price for the Foundation Programme is dependent on which tests and supplements are recommended for your particular situation, and mainly comprise laboratory fees. Wherever possible, we ensure that you are charged ‘clinician rates’ which are lower than  retail rates for laboratory tests. Laboratory fees start from several hundred  pounds. All supplements are provided at a discount.



Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 11.13.55


2.  Anti-inflammatory Programme

If you wish to receive more intense treatment aimed at reducing inflammation in your body, we offer several treatments that, used together, will help to reduce pro-inflammatory cytokines in your body (substances that promote inflammation), enhance the function of your immune system, and increase your microcirculation, allowing the natural and potent anti-inflammatory supplement that you will be taking as part of this Programme, to access your cells easily. The treatments comprise low level laser therapy, Bemer physical vascular therapy and exercise with oxygen therapy using the standard LiveO2 system.

This Programme involves 6 appointments of 45 minutes, comprising 2 sessions a week for 3 weeks. All the above treatments will be provided in each session.

For full effectiveness, the Foundation Programme must be completed before starting the Anti-inflammatory Programme.


Screenshot 2019-01-10 at 10.49.05


Anti-inflammatory Programme Summary

3.  Cellular Detoxification Programme

For those who wish to delve deeply into the factors that may be hindering recovery from chronic disease, we offer a Cellular Detoxification Programme. This is a 4 month Programme designed to remove harmful toxins at a cellular level. The toxins may include chemical pollutants, mercury and other heavy metals, or pathogenic (eg bacterial or fungal) colonies surrounded by a biofilm. They also include ‘endotoxins,’ bacterial toxins that leak out from the gut wall into the circulation. Endotoxins are powerful drivers of inflammation in the body. The inflammation may manifest in any organ including the brain (neurodegenerative diseases), liver, kidneys, skin etc.

This is a detailed Programme involving the use of carefully selected and carefully timed supplements designed to remove toxins from within the cells, safely transport them out without damaging the cell membrane and bind strongly to them so that they cannot cause any further damage until they are expelled from your body.

Cellular detoxification is not to be taken lightly and it is important that the body is prepared before undergoing detoxification. In this programme you will first be seen in a 30 minute consultation to ensure that you are ready for detoxification. This entails checking that your biochemical imbalances have been corrected, optimising your nutrition, ensuring all your elimination pathways are functioning well (gut, bile, lymph, skin, kidneys), that there are no active infections and that any inflammation in your body has been removed or is as close to zero as possible, prior to starting the Programme.

Once Dr Tavakkoli is satisfied that you are ready for detoxification, she will formulate a detoxification plan for you and you will be provided with written guidance. This will include recommended detoxification products.

The 4 month Programme includes 3 further 30 minute consultations to ensure that your Cellular Detoxification Programme is running smoothly.

For reasons of both effectiveness and safety, the Cellular Detoxification Programme is offered only after completing the Foundation Programme. It is recommended that the Anti-Inflammatory Programme is also completed prior to starting this Programme.

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Cellular Detoxification Programme Summary

If you have a query or wish to book an appointment, we will be happy to hear from you. Please contact us here.