Modulated Electrohyperthermia

The use of heat therapies in cancer dates back to about 3000 BC. There are several ways to apply heat to tumour cells. Modulated electrohyperthermia, or ‘oncothermia’ is an advanced technique in the field of hyperthermia and is based on the work of Professor András Szász, a professor of biophysics at St. István University, Hungary. Oncothermia is currently used in 32 countries worldwide with over 200,000 treatments delivered every year.

In basic terms, oncothermia passes both focused and controlled heat, and an electric field, through cancer tissue. 

Oncothermia can be used with all stages of cancer. It is mainly used with metastatic cancer and advanced solid cancers that are inoperable.

PLEASE NOTE that oncothermia is not a treatment for cancer. However, when delivered as a complementary therapy alongside standard treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, it may significantly improve patients’ conditions and enhance quality of life.

Please contact the clinic if you wish to know more about oncothermia and whether it may be beneficial in your case.