Our approach

At Quantum Clinic, we view cancer as the symptom of underlying dis-ease that has likely been present in the body for many months or years, before the condition we call ‘cancer’ appears. This underlying dis-ease may be due to some or all of the following factors:

  • Micronutrient deficiencies;
  • Chronic ‘hidden’ infection (often viral);
  • Exposure to cell damaging toxins such as chemicals, heavy metals, nicotine;
  • Excessive exposure to electromagnetic radiation;
  • Excessive or chronic stress;
  • Genetic susceptibility.

Dr Tavakkoli offers a four month support programme for patients diagnosed with cancer. She uses a multi-faceted approach that is primarily aimed at addressing the above underlying factors and removing chronic inflammation from the body.

This programme may be followed before, during or after any conventional treatment you may be receiving.

What is involved in the programme?

Prior to seeing you, Dr Tavakkoli will need to review relevant letters from your specialist, together with your recent test results (blood tests, scans).

Following this, you will be seen in the initial consultation to discuss your individual circumstances in depth, to explain the details about your programme and to obtain your consent to proceed. During this appointment, Dr Tavakkoli will advise you of beneficial lifestyle changes and provide nutritional advice, focusing on anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer foods. Occult (hidden) infections that may be contributing to advancing disease are addressed, as are other possible contributing factors such as exposure to electromagnetic radiation and exposure to environmental chemicals and toxins. You will be provided with your first supply of supplements to commence immediately. 

After your initial consultation, comprehensive Functional Medicine laboratory testing will take place in order to identify your specific nutritional and biochemical profile. This will involve blood, urine and stool tests. The results will enable Dr Tavakkoli to formulate an individualised plan for you, including healthy nutrition, targeted nutritional and anti-inflammatory supplements, and a detoxification plan to clear toxins both at organ and intracellular level. 

Over the remaining weeks, you will be seen at certain points for specific therapies. Dr Tavakkoli uses techniques to increase the blood flow in your microcirculation in order to optimise the delivery of nutrients and supplements to diseased cells. These techniques include Bemer Physical Vascular Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy, and for those patients who have the required level of fitness, Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. The microcirculation is the network of small arterioles, venules and tiny capillaries that distributes blood throughout the body, and comprises over 70% of the circulatory system. 

These interventions enhance the microcirculation and carry essential nutrients and supplements more effectively to diseased areas which may not otherwise have adequate access to these vital nutrients. The nutrients and potent supplements power your body’s cells to deal more efficiently with inflammation and cellular damage.

Certain nutrients are provided in liposomal form  or solid lipid nanoparticle form, and timed synchronistically with the above interventions, in order to derive maximum efficacy. This delivery enables maximum intracellular absorption to be achieved using a convenient oral delivery system.


How often do I receive the therapies?

You will have twelve appointments to receive the therapies. In the initial few weeks, the appointments will take place twice a week, and reduce in frequency later in the programme.

Please note that the four month Integrative Cancer Programme is provided as a package of care. Dr Tavakkoli provides the individual therapies as part of the entire package, but does not offer individual therapies (eg Bemer/Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) alone.

What is the cost of the programme?

The cost for the four month programme is £2,600 (or £2,100 if you are physically unable to undergo Exercise with Oxygen Therapy). This includes all the therapies and appointments with Dr Tavakkoli. Time to discuss any queries in between appointments is included. 

The programme cost does not include the cost of laboratory testing or nutritional supplements. Laboratory test costs are decided by the respective laboratories. Where possible, we obtain clinician rates for our patients. Supplements are provided at a discount.

It is advised that you allow about £1,000 for laboratory testing. Supplements will vary from patient to patient and we suggest allowing about £300 per month for supplement costs.

You may also choose to attend the initial consultation separately, before deciding to join the full programme. The cost of the initial consultation (£270) would subsequently be deducted from the above fees.

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like to book this programme.



Please be aware that Dr Tavakkoli is not an oncologist. Any advice or intervention provided may be based on clinical experience and not necessarily on the results of clinical trials. No claim can be made for cure or improvement. Your cancer treatment and ongoing care will remain under your specialist medical team.