Integrative Cancer Programme

From May 2019, Dr Tavakkoli will be expanding the services she offers at Quantum Clinic to support the wellbeing of people diagnosed with cancer. The following services will be available:

Local hyperthermia

Intravenous vitamin infusions

Mistletoe injections

Identification of metabolic pathway blockers for individual cancers

Functional Medicine consultation and laboratory testing 

➢ Nutritional advice 

Targeted anti-inflammatory supplements

➢ Oxygenation therapy (Exercise with oxygen therapy) 

Mind-body therapy 

These services are offered as a comprehensive integrative package to support patients with active cancer who are undergoing, or have undergone, conventional treatment. As such, this package is a complementary and supportive approach. Please note that Dr Tavakkoli is not an oncologist. These services are not an alternative to conventional treatment and are not offered as a cure for cancer.


Please note that regrettably the following groups cannot be accepted on the programme for safety reasons: 

-Under 18s (Dr Tavakkoli is an adult physician and licensed to see over 18s only) 

– Women during pregnancy or breast feeding 

-Primary brain cancer 

-Presence of pacemaker 

-Active bleeding or susceptibility to bleeding

-Presence of organ transplant

-Inability to lie still

– Presence of metallic implant (please enquire, this is a relative contraindication) 

Dr Tavakkoli offers a free 20 minute telephone or Skype conversation for those interested in the programme. If you would like to know whether this programme is right for you and would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us.


Please note that late cancellation will result in appointment slots remaining unfilled for one month if another patient cannot attend at very short notice. However, in cases of cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances, Quantum Clinic will refund 50% of any fees paid upfront for cancelled sessions.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that Dr Tavakkoli is not an oncologist. No claim can be made for cure or improvement. Your cancer treatment and ongoing care will remain under your specialist medical team.