Our Approach To Treating Chronic Disease

Quantum Clinic is a progressive medical clinic offering a Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine approach to adults with cancer.

Functional Medicine is root cause medicine. We seek to identify and treat the underlying factors that have caused or exacerbated your disease. Functional Medicine offers a personalised approach, unique for your specific needs.

Integrative Medicine is the practice of medicine, which seeks to find the best solution(s) for your problem by using both traditional medical therapies and non-traditional therapies.

A commonly used definition of Integrative Oncology is: “a patient-centered, evidence-informed field of cancer care that utilizes mind and body practices, natural products, and/or lifestyle modifications from different traditions alongside conventional cancer treatments. It aims to optimize health, quality of life, and clinical outcomes across the cancer care continuum, and to empower people to prevent cancer and become active participants before, during, and beyond cancer treatment.”

At Quantum Clinic our therapeutic approach includes Nutritional Therapy, Phytonutrient TherapyExercise With Oxygen Therapy, Modulated electro-hyperthermia, and other therapies offered in our Integrative Cancer Programme.

Chronic inflammation is an underlying problem in many, if not all, chronic diseases, including cancer, and addressing chronic low grade inflammation is a very important part of our approach.

We aim to identify the underlying issues, whether they are environmental factors, biochemical imbalances, or other factors that may be contributing to, or exacerbating, your disease.

Our approach to chronic disease is a systems approach – we don’t just see your symptoms as separate, unrelated issues but rather, we aim to identify and remove the root causes.

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