TREW FIELDS FESTIVAL 6th-7th July 2019



October 12-13th 2019

Plant Based Health Professionals UK has teamed up with to bring you the first international conference on plant-based nutrition to be held in the UK. Confirmed keynote speakers include Dr Michael Greger and Dr Michael Klaper. Saturday 12th October is for health professionals, academics and scientists. Sunday 13th October is for members of the general public.

Dr Tavakkoli will be speaking on the following topics:

Sun 13th(Public Day): “Cancer – What You Can Do About It”


Previous Events

2nd February 2018

Dr Tavakkoli’s interview with Tony Williams on Uckfield FM: Cancer – what steps you can take to overcome it.

Copyright Uckfield FM. Reproduced with permission.

20th February 2018

Dr Tavakkoli’s interview with Robin Daly, founder of Yes To Life, on UK Health Radio.


“After a long career within the NHS to consultant level, Dr Tavakkoli has made the ‘quantum leap’ to becoming a Functional Medicine Practitioner and setting up her own clinic. Quantum Clinic is located in East Sussex and Dr Tavakkoli is specialising in supporting people with cancer. She has developed her own cancer support programme and, alongside Functional Medicine approaches, offers some unusual Integrative Medicine techniques to support a rapid return to optimal health.”

October 2018

Interview on UK Health Radio

“Hot Topic – Dr Aryan Tavakkoli of the Quantum Clinic shares news of her plans to bring oncothermia to the UK for the first time”


“Dr Tavakkoli established the Quantum Clinic in East Sussex about a year ago. Her primary focus, from the start, has been to support people with cancer. She is now planning a bold step to introduce a form of therapy at the Quantum Clinic never previously available in the UK. It’s a highly sophisticated form of hyperthermia called oncothermia, which combines electrical therapy with increased tissue temperature. It has many advantages over traditional hyperthermia and is producing some noteworthy improvements in 5 year survival for a whole range of cancers, including some that are very hard to treat. Alongside the introduction of oncothermia, Dr Tavakkoli is also planning to expand the scope of her therapeutic protocol in several ways.”

April 13th 2019


“Enriching Healthcare: A glimpse into a medical practice blending plant-based nutrition with conventional, integrative and functional medicine.”