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What happens in a Functional Medicine Consultation?

Questions First… Functional Medicine practitioners ask a lot of questions. In fact, you should be prepared to sit down for an hour or longer to answer the (very) long questionnaire you will likely be sent before you even see your Functional Medicine practitioner for… Continue Reading “What happens in a Functional Medicine Consultation?”

How Is Inflammation Linked To Chronic Disease?

Chronic Inflammation

Many medical studies show that inflammation lies at the core of different medical conditions – not only conditions with an obvious or visible inflammatory basis, but even conditions as diverse as Alzheimer’s, depression, insulin resistance and obesity. In fact, clinical disease, in most cases,… Continue Reading “How Is Inflammation Linked To Chronic Disease?”

What is Functional Medicine And Is It For You?

Functional Medicine Image

When I used to work as a conventional hospital physician, my approach to diagnosing and treating patients followed standard protocols. I would dutifully take a detailed history from my patients (or rather, what I thought was detailed at the time), then I would examine… Continue Reading “What is Functional Medicine And Is It For You?”

What is Optimal Health?

Optimal Health

Optimal health is being the best you can be and feeling the best you can feel. On an individual level, a lot depends on who you are, what your goal is, and the capacity your body has to repair and regenerate itself. Optimal health… Continue Reading “What is Optimal Health?”

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